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9/11: Evidence of an inside job

11 de septiembre de 2013 Deja un comentario Go to comments

We back again with this section of news in english, check out this video!…

Why haven’t Bush and Cheney been indicted?

It’s hard to imagine how the evidence could be clearer.

Then Vice President Dick Cheney- the man most responsible for the lies running up to the Iraq War – changed the multi-decade old protocol for the military’s handling of errant planes over US air space just three months before 9/11.

Then, after 9/111 it was changed it back.

Why was he never asked to explain this?

Why as no real money or effort put into investigating the details of the attack?

Why was Osama bin Laden never indicted, let alone tried for the crime?

What kind of planes was really involved in the scene?, was them drones, holograms?, what is clear is that they weren’t commercial planes as they told us…

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